About Doose

13227947_10153585245096592_1376532019_nAllow me to introduce you to my brand , “Doose by Nathalie” and what I sell! The word “Doose” is a play on the French word ‘douce’, which means ‘fresh’, and the Haitian Creole word, ‘dous’ which means sweet! Doose caters to vegans, health conscious folks and palate pleasers of all kinds! I also cater to those with dietary restrictions. Simple food allergies to things like dairy, gluten and soy should not be the determining factor on whether one can indulge in something delectable. All of my desserts are homemade using simple ingredients and are sure to please! I love extracting colors and flavors directly from mother nature, as it guarantees great tasting desserts each and every time! Also, having West-Indian roots, I am able to draw inspiration from the culinary styles of Haitian baking. I put so much love and compassion into each bite because I believe that we all deserve to eat food that is not only healthy but reflects positivity! Doose totally encompasses the FRESHness and SWEETness of mother nature and I believe your market would truly benefit from my desserts!

Doose is based in New York City and is currently accepting orders! Please click on the Desserts by Doose tab to check out my menu. Please contact me for more details!


xoxo Nathalie